Our SSV shells are made of fiberglass. They are strong, durable, and lightweight. They provide excellent protection from weather while making a statement of class, origin, corporation or personal expression. Virtually any color or paint scheme is available as are graphics and logos. All Caddy Works carts can be built golf functional. Advertise your cause or company in a casual time off mode. Corporate or VIP golf games/ tournaments, High school and college pep rallies and games, professional sports on and off the course. The SSV is great for golf communities and individuals in a recreational atmosphere. Personalized to your taste, be creative-it's your cart!

Carts are available as gas or electric powered. Each SSV comes with its own production number plaque in the dash.



Caddy Works exists to create and manufacture specialty electric cars, automobiles and custom golf carts for today's marketing, advertising and recreational needs. One-off production, the SSV family and other related designs. Highly visible examples and concepts are incorporated for television and major promotions. Our goal is to add fun and enjoyment in a busy world.

The SSV is designed to be an alternative to competition in the custom golf cart industry. Made unique and personal with an aire of class- starting with the sequential production dash plaque to interior designs, infinite color schemes and choices for unique expression. Attractive, noticeable, unforgettable, the SSV is in its own league.

Tim Hall is the creator of the SSV. His perfectionism and attention to detail are the foundation of this project. A God given talent of creative ability, love for goodness and commitment to excellence, Tim and Caddy Works wish to fulfill your desired result building your custom SSV.



Dimple. Boston Red Sox. Rock. Colorado Rockies. Pill. Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. Screamer. Field of Dreams. Birmingham Barons. Pitch.

Every cart has a story.