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Dimple a.k.a. Dimples

Tim Hall's original vision for the custom golf cart, "Dimple" took one year to produce. Dimple, the first "SSV" was conceived and created, a one-off prototype, was designed and created in a backyard. Countless design hours were spent by Tim in getting the dimples exact on the ball. True to a standard golf ball, there are 233 dimples contained on the ball. The perfected design is currently being produced.

In 2017, 18 Birdies of Oakland, CA reached out to Caddy Works to purchase Dimple. The cart was given a complete makeover to match the 18 Birdies colors with a new paint job, new custom seats, a new dash, wheels and adorned with the 18 Birdies logo.

The new "Dimples" as 18 Birdies renamed it made its tournament debut at the Steve Azar Delta Soul Celebrity Golf & Charity Event in Greenville, MS on June 23, 2016.

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